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With the best security options, storage cleaner, battery booster, app locker, and spam block features, AVG Antivirus pro apk is the best.
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As we rely more and more on our smartphones for everyday tasks, Android devices require serious protection. In order to protect your data from being stolen or corrupted by malware and viruses, you need an antivirus app like AVG Antivirus  Pro APK.

It is essential to install an antivirus app on your device as a shield from attacks. This will make your phone more secure and clean.

 To make sure that malware and viruses are dealt with effectively, you should install AVG AntiVirus Pro APK on your phone.

This AVG Antivirus App review will tell you everything you need to know about this awesome security app.

AVG Antivirus Pro APK

Developed by AVG Technologies, a subsidiary of Avast, AVG Antivirus is the best antivirus Android app. 

Avg antivirus pro for android is available for Windows, macOS, and Android.

Security features of this Android security tool include scanning apps, monitoring battery, locking apps, capturing video, locking devices, and much more. This app is free to use, but you have to pay $59.9 per year for a premium version.

Our AVG antivirus premium apk gives you access to all premium features for free.

APP interface

The interface of avg antivirus pro apk 2021 is great. Even a non-techy person can use it easily. When you start the app, a great splash screen will welcome you. A big resolve button is present in the center of avg antivirus protection app that can be used to resolve all the security issues.  Furthermore, other features like battery booster, app lock, and backup can be accessed easily. 


AVG Android antivirus app requires Android 5.0 +, 49 Mb of storage, and at least 500 Mb Ram.


Following are some prominent features of the AVG Android Antivirus app.

Scan the apps automatically

With AVG antivirus, your device will run faster because apps are automatically scanned and residual junk is cleaned. You can also schedule a scanner to be performed once or even twice a day, which is entirely up to you.

Boost battery performance

Android users usually experience battery drainage. We all want our devices’ batteries to last longer. AVG Antivirus pro apk saves your battery power.

We have a lot of apps on our devices, which use batteries even when we close. This is caused by background apps. Save battery by optimizing background running apps and closing them.

This feature is also available in AVG Cleaner.

Block the spammers

AVG App also has a spam call and SMS blocker which is awesome.

SMS and calls from spammers are annoying. The spam calls frustrate many people. Using this feature, every spam call and SMS will be blocked.

Lock the apps

AVG antivirus premium mod apk includes files and app locker as well. This feature will let you hide data and files that you wouldn’t want other people to see.

To hide your private or secret files, you’ll need to create a password for this program.

Keeping track of your activities

Monitoring your activities on the device is easy with this security app. It is possible to calculate the number of hours you have spent on the phone by tracking your active time. 

The AVG app will also keep track of how much internet data is being used. Moreover, this program supervises your internet data usage frequently. 

It will give you a daily report of the data you have used to determine the most suitable data plan for you.

Every week, the developer updates the apps to ensure the best functionality and performance. As a result, your system remains protected from threats.

Check the URLs of websites

The unsafe page will be shown if a suspicious URL is detected.

Optimize SD card and internal storage

You can switch between internal and SD storage to move apps and games. It’s the best option to save space or clean the Andriod phone for other apps.

Task killer

Your device will run faster and run more smoothly if you terminate slow-performing apps

Disk wiping feature

If you want to thoroughly delete all contacts,  browser history, or format SD card, you can do that too.

App Backup

You can backup your device apps to the SD card so you can restore them when needed with avg antivirus apk mod.

avg antivirus pro apk


What is the latest avg antivirus?

6.38.4 is the latest version of avg antivirus for Android.

How can I get AVG Pro for free?

You can download AVG Antivirus from google play for free. However, for premium features, you have to pay. Many websites offer the pro version of AVG antivirus for free. You can download from them

You can also download the avg antivirus apk by clicking the download button below.

Is there a good antivirus for Android?

Yes, there are many good antivirus apps for Android. AVG is the best Antivirus app when we consider the features and price.

Can AVG antivirus be installed on Android?

Yes, Avg antivirus pro mod can be installed on Android. Just download the APK and install it on your device. 

Can AVG antivirus cause harm to my mobile?

AVG Antivirus requires considerable space to be installed on your Android phone. However, it doesn’t harm the phone by any means.

How to download avg antivirus for android?

Many websites offer the avg antivirus download option. You can download AVG Pro by clicking the download button below. It will take you to the download page.

How to install AVG Antivirus Pro APK on an Android phone?

  1. First of all, uninstall the version downloaded from the Google play store.
  2. Now, go to Android settings and allow installs from unknown sources.
  3. Go to the download folder in the file manager and click the downloaded apk of AVG.
  4. Click on the install button. The installation will start.
  5. Enjoy a safe, protected, and clean phone with avg antivirus free.

AVG Antivirus App reviews

These reviews of AVG antivirus apk show the avg antivirus pros and cons.

“So far, the only problem I’ve had is that I had to reset permissions once again the next morning, after having seeded permissions the night before.  The app seems to be a solid one to clean up my messy phone. Your free version is a great asset.”

Timothy Rousse

“I have found this to be the best antivirus program I’ve ever used. It could be even better if malicious programs are automatically removed rather than having to tap “resolve”. The moment we discover we have an infected device and tap “resolve”, isn’t it too late by then? I hope this avg antivirus pro review offers a good suggestion.

Jacqueline Loakes

Users also love RAR APK  because it saves a lot of space and protects the files.


The AVG Antivirus app for Android is an excellent security app. In addition to providing comprehensive device protection, the app offers file management tools and performance-improving features.

Because this antivirus Android app is lightweight, Android devices can run it without consuming much RAM or battery.

With the best security options, storage cleaner, battery booster, app locker, and spam block features, AVG is the best antivirus app for Android. Finally, you can download it and enjoy the premium features for free.

What's new

✔ Real-time scanning of apps, games, settings, and files

✔ Get your device running faster by killing sluggish tasks

✔ Free up space by deleting unnecessary files

✔ Put a pin, a pattern, or a fingerprint in place for sensitive apps

✔ Location tracking for lost phones via Google Maps

✔ Using an encrypted vault, you can hide private photos

✔ Use a VPN to stay anonymous

✔ Analyze WLANs for threats

✔ You can check the speed of your Wi-Fi by downloading a speed test

✔ Password leaks will be notified to you

✔ Discover which apps have what permissions



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