How to keep your smartphone safe?

As we become more reliant on mobile devices for day-to-day tasks, it is even more critical to ensure that we are using the right security settings to protect our data. The following article will outline why mobile security is essential and how to keep your smartphone safe?

What are the Common Threats to an Android Phone?

The most common threats to an Android phone are malware, viruses, and identity theft.

Malware is a threat to any device, but it can be especially harmful to an Android phone. It is a program that can disrupt the operation of your device or even steal sensitive information from it. 

The best way to combat malware is by installing an antivirus or antimalware program on your device. Be sure to update the software regularly and download only apps from trusted sources.

Viruses are another major threat for Android phones because they can be transferred through email attachments, text messages, social media posts, websites, and apps. While there are numerous types of viruses out there that target computer, some are specific for mobile devices such as Androids.

Identitify theft happens when someone steals your info and starts using it.

Tips on how to keep your smartphone safe

  1. Don’t download apps from shady websites.
  2. Don’t give your password to anyone.
  3. Use an app to lock your important data.

How we can avoid identity theft?

There are many ways to avoid identity theft. Some of these include:

  • Keeping an eye on your mail for suspicious envelopes and packages
  • Signing up for identity theft protection with a credit card company
  • Checking your credit report on a regular basis
  • Protecting your Social Security number
  • Shredding any documents with sensitive information and only throwing away the trash in a secure location
  • Turning off any automatic bill payments that you do not recognize

how to avoid identity theft

App Locking Applications

App Lock: Features and Pricing

It is an app that allows you to lock all your essential apps. It has features such as blocking others from accessing your notifications and locking apps with a password. Moreover, App Lock is available for a one-time fee of $3.99 on the iTunes store.

It gives us answers to all security questions like how to keep your smartphone safe?

The features offered by App Lock are typically found in paid apps, which may be why it costs more than other phone security apps such as Find My iPhone. The premium price may be worth it if you are looking for an app that locks all of your important apps and provides easier access to them than other apps.

Check Point Mobile Security& Antivirus

Check Point Mobile Security is a mobile security application for iOS, Android, and Windows.

This app has a Smart Protection Network that works around the clock to protect your phone from malicious software, phishing sites, and other threats. It also has a Web Filtering that blocks all unwanted content from reaching your phone.

There are two major components of Check Point Mobile Security: Antivirus and Smart Protection Network. The former protects your phone against viruses and other malware, while the latter protects against unknown threats with its self-learning system.

Check Point Mobile Security is available on the following platforms – Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Norton Mobile Security& Antivirus

Norton Mobile Security offers a range of features and pricing for different mobile devices.

It is one of the most popular mobile security app available on the market. The app was first launched in 2008 by Symantec Corporation, a software company that offers cybersecurity and data storage solutions. It is currently available in more than 190 countries. The primary function of Norton Mobile Security is to protect users from cybercrimes and malware on their Smartphones, Tablets, or other mobile devices.

AVG Antivirus Free mobile security

AVG Antivirus Free mobile security is a free antivirus app for Android. It is safe to use and doesn’t need any personal info to work.

The following features are included:

– Real-time protection from viruses, malware, and ransomware

– Family protection to keep devices safe from kids and adults alike

– Quarantine of infected files for later review

– Scanning of files before downloading them for faster downloads

– Detailed phone, SMS, and apps activity monitoring

Google Play Protect-Features, Functionality, Key Benefits

Google Play Protect is a security system that Google introduced. It is an automatically activated virus scanner that will scan any apps on the user’s phone. This system aims to protect the user from downloading malware or fake applications. One of the key benefits of this system is that it can also remove any virus that the user may have downloaded unknowingly.


Everyone is always on their phones. It is a part of life, but the internet and mobile devices also come with security risks. These risks are what make it essential to secure our data. In this article, we discussed how to keep our smartphones safe.

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