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Blood Type Can Reveal a Lot About Your Health

There are 4 blood types:

1) A

2) B

3) AB

4) O

There is a strong connection between blood types and diseases and our blood type can tell us a lot about our health.

Blood Type A:

Blood type A  has high risk of developing stomach cancer. Women are very fertile but there is high risk that they will have stomach cancer, especially if they use a lot of alcohol and cigarettes. People with blood type A are prone to become alcoholics and to can suffer from OCD.

Blood Type B:

They have high risk of getting pancreatic cancer. They are prone to getting Alzheimer’s at an elder age. These people have a better metabolism and can gain muscle mass easily.

Blood Type AB:

Women are at higher risk of getting ovarian cancer and pregnant women may have high blood pressure. People with this blood type are prone to suffering from heart diseases. They are more immune to stress and have better sight.

Blood Type O:

There is lower risk of getting heart attack and stomach cancer. Men with blood type 0 are prone to obesity and women can have fertility problems. People with this blood type are more immune to stress.

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Blood Type
Blood Type
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