Why do we need to clean the intestines?

clean intestines

It is a sad fact that ever since people have started to rely on medicines for every health problem, our bodies have become more prone to diseases, viral infections and all sorts of health problems. Excessive consumption of fast and processed food has resulted in colon and intestines full of toxins and weaker immune systems. The only big thing we have to do to get back to normal in is to clean the intestines from the toxic deposits. It will play a major part in preventing serious health problems.

Doctors recommend to their patients to clean the intestines for better health and overall performance. By cleaning your intestines you will feel lighter and energized. You can improve the absorption of nutrients and thus resistance to cravings.

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Recipe to clean the intestines

Here is the recipe to clean the intestines.

  1. Apple: 1
  2. Orange juice: half glass
  3. Pineapple: 1 slice
  4. Cucumber: half
  5. Aloe Vera leaf: half

1) Slice up the pineapple, dice the cucumber and apple. Divide the Aloe Vera leaf into two sections, and squeeze out the gel from one of them.

2) Mix all ingredients in a blender, add one glass of water and orange juice. Stir everything properly.

Use this potent juice twice a day to clean the intestines. Preferably, one before breakfast and one before sleeping. Drink at least 8 glasses of water during the whole for this recipe to work.

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Be happy, healthy and strong!


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Clean the intestines
Clean the intestines