This Drink will clean the lungs of smokers and ex-smokers

clean your lungs
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Clean the lungs

According to research, cigarettes contain over 600 harmful elements. 7000 of toxins are released when cigarettes are burned. 69 of them poison the body and lead to cancer. Therefore, smokers and ex-smokers need to clean the lungs.

Following are some of the toxins and chemicals you get while smoking:

  1. Acetone of polish remover
  2. Acetic acid of hair dye
  3. The ammonia of house cleaners
  4. Arsenic in rat poison
  5. Benzene in rubber cement
  6. Carbon monoxide in car exhaust fumes
  7. Formaldehyde in embalming fluids for medicine and autopsy
  8. Nicotine in insecticides and such products
  9. Tar in paving road materials
  10. Toluene in paints

Therefore, the lungs of both, smokers and ex-smokers are full of these dangerous poisons and they need to clean the lungs.

We can clean the lungs by using only ginger, onion, and turmeric. They are extremely beneficial and have potent medicinal properties. Ginger eliminates accumulated mucus while onions have potent anti-cancer properties and help to fight respiratory issues. Turmeric is full of minerals and vitamins. It fights bacteria and viruses.

clean your lungs

Recipe to clean the lungs

  • Turmeric Powder: 2 big spoons
  • Some organic ginger juice
  • Onion: 400g
  • Raw sugar: 400g
  • Water: 1L

1) Add the sugar to the water and heat the mixture to boil it.

2) Chop the ginger and onions and add them to the mixture. As soon as it boils, lower the heat and add turmeric. It should be cooked until the half of the initial amount is left.

3) Strain and pour the mixture in a glass bottle, let it cool and store it at a cool place.

Take one tablespoon of it in the morning before eating or drinking anything. One tablespoon in the evening after 2 hours of your dinner.  Clean the lungs and enjoy!

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Stay happy, healthy and strong!


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