Use Coconut Oil to convert White hair to Black

coconut oil for hair
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Use Coconut Oil to convert White hair to Black

Do you want to convert grey hair to black naturally? Coconut oil is the answer.

Here is the recipe.


  • 50ml of organic coconut oil
  • 4 tablespoon of Indian gooseberry powder (also know as Amla powder)


1. Take 50ml of coconut oil in a pan. Now add 4ts of gooseberry powder into it. Mix well and cook for 10 minutes on low flame with continues stirring.
2. Coconut will turn into black color after 10 minutes. Strain the oil by using strainer or cloth. Store it in a glass container.
3. Apply it 2-3/week on your hair and scalp. Gently massage your scalp for 10 minutes and leave it for 1 hour. Then wash with shampoo.

It contains antioxidants, vitamin c and amino acids which will help in naturally converting your hair color to black.

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