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Varies with device

Fake GPS Location is a mock location app that allows your device to pretend it is almost anywhere on the map. This mock location app can help you stay anonymous by giving you a new identity.
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Varies with device
Varies with device
Varies with device

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Fake GPS Location APK?

Fake GPS Location is a mock location app that allows your device to pretend it is almost anywhere on the map. This mock location app can help you stay anonymous by giving you a new identity.

Benefits of  fake Location APK

1. Fake location

2. Fakes GPS location for travel and game purposes

3. Can be used to prank your friends

4. Shows a map of other locations

5. Can use as a compass for navigation

6. Screenshots of other locations

7. Uses augmented reality to show the map in real-time

8. Displays the map on your finger

9. Detects magnetic fields and changes

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Fake GPS Location – Joystick and Routes Tags

# custom settings

Custom settings for joysticks


# Name: “B” Button

Keyboard-Capslock #8

Mouse-Middle Click #9

Joystick-Left Stick Button #4

# Name: “A” Button

Keyboard-Left Shift #7

Mouse-Middle Mouse Button #8

Using Somali Patcher for mock locations

Smali Patcher is an invaluable tool for developers.  It comes with a lot of developer options. You can download Somali patcher to use it to patch or inject code into their apps. Developers can use this to test their apps before releasing them. The best part is that with this tool, users can navigate and mock locations in a game without actually having to sign out of the game or change their settings. Basically, you get the virtual location. You can also change GPS location with it. So, it acts as a location changer.

Features of GPS JoyStick Fake Location

1. It can simulate the GPS location with its own accuracy.

2. The control is simple and practical, you can adjust any location with the big knob on the top.

3. It supports the “GPS Simulator” function which simulates the location of the GPS signal, greatly improving the accuracy of the fake location.

4. The joust stick has a switch button on the top that can be used to switch between different modes.

fake gps location apk

Using GPS Joystick for location spoofing

The GPS Joystick is a plug-in that allows Wii U and Wii to play games based on the Nintendo Switch. It spoofs the console’s location to make it seem like the user is playing on a different console.

The user may not be able to spoof the console’s location anymore once Nintendo releases the Switch in March 2017. However, you can try the previous versions. You might receive a location error in this case.

The application requires access to the computer’s GPS receiver and can run on any computer that has one. In addition to the software, both the GSM Joy.

Some fake GPS location apps for iOS/iPhones

Following location faker apps are available:

Fake GPS app for iOS – Fake Location Tracker (by Fz.com)

Fake GPS app for iOS – Fake Location Tracker is the best fake location app for iOS that offers a completely undetectable fake location.

Fake location APPS for Android

Fake GPS Location Apk is the app that can hide your real location and actual location and gives you a choice to choose any location on your android device. Most location apps work on a rooted devices. However, this location app work on all android devices. You can access gaming apps, dating apps, as well as websites that are normally not available in your area. It does not require root access.

You can download a fake location app and access the location tutorial to understand how it works.

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What problems can occur while using fake GPS location apk?

The most common problem with fake GPS location apps is having the user obtain their location from a fixed source that is not trusted. With these apps, the user’s location will be fixed to a specific point in the map, and will not change. This can lead to a user being able to see their location in the app, but not be able to see the map as they are physically in the middle of it. In this case, it would be impossible for the user to use this location spoofing app.

Why do you need to use a Fake GPS Location Apk?

Fake GPS Location Apk is a digital app that can be downloaded for free to a smartphone. This app can simulate the current location of your device without revealing its true location to the person on the other end of the call. This means that you can get around without using your real phone, which could be used by your boss or law enforcement to track you down.

How to download Fake GPS Location Apk?

1) Download Fake GPS Location Apk from the link below

2) After download, install Fake GPS Location Apk

3) Open Fake GPS Location App

4) Enter your current real location and then “Accept”

5) You will be shown your new location in a few seconds

How to uninstall Fake GPS Location Apk?

1) Open your device settings

2) Select Apps or Applications

3) Select Fake GPS Location App

4) Click Uninstall

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