5 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dandruff

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Nearly all people experience dandruff at some point in their lives. It mostly affects the scalp, the ears, sides of the nose, and beard. It looks like dry, fine flaky skin on the scalp.

Dandruff is also known as seborrheic dermatitis and seborrhea.

Causes of dandruff

The following are the causes of dandruff:

Possible causes include

  1. Increased oil production and secretion
  2. Increased numbers of regular skin yeasts.
  3. Poor hygiene
  4. Infrequent washing
  5. Mental stress
  6. Poor immune system
  7. Chronic illness

Symptoms of dandruff

According to WebMD, the following are the symptoms of dandruff:

  1. Itchy scalp
  2. White flakes on shoulders
  3. A facial rash over eyebrows, ears, and nose
  4. Beard rash
  5. Scaly facial skin
  6. Recurrent ear “eczema.”

Preventions of dandruff

Following are the preventions of dandruff:

  1. Do not scratch your scalp when using shampoo.
  2. Brush your hair daily.
  3. Wash your hair at least three times a week.
  4. Avoid using chemicals on your scalp.
  5. Spend time outdoors
  6. Manage stress to reduce the risk of dandruff.


Best shampoos to treat dandruff

According to Harpersbazaar, following are the best shampoos to treat dandruff:

Serene Scalp Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Purifying Shampoo with Jujube Bark Extract

Anti-Flake Relief II Shampoo

Coconut Dandruff Shampoo

Home remedies for dandruff

Following are the home remedies for dandruff:

Use Lemongrass oil for dandruff

Lemongrass oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Do not apply lemongrass oil directly on your skin.  You can dilute its oil with water. You can also mix a few drops into your shampoo or conditioner.

1) Tea tree oil for dandruff

Tea tree oil is used to treat acne, athlete’s foot, and dermatitis.

It has terpinene-4-ol, which has potent antimicrobial properties. It helps to reduce dandruff by suppressing the growth of fungi and bacteria on the scalp. You can add tea tree oil to your shampoos. Do not use it directly.

2) Aloe Vera gel for dandruff

Aloe vera is a well-known plant for its healing properties. It has gel in its leaves, which contains several bioactive compounds such as amino acids and antioxidants. These compounds can reduce dandruff.

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3) Hot oil mask for dandruff

Heat the coconut oil in a microwave.  Gently apply it to your head. Do not make the oil too hot, as it increases the risk of burning your scalp.

4) Green tea for dandruff

It has antioxidants and anti-microbial properties.

Mix green tea, peppermint oil, and white vinegar.  Massage it on your scalp for five minutes. Rinse it off with a shampoo and conditioner.

5) Baking soda for dandruff

Baking soda fights against fungi. It can help exfoliate the skin on your scalp. Baking soda also soaks up excess oil.

Wet your hair and sprinkle 1 tbsp of baking soda. Leave it on for a minute.  After that, wash it off.


Dandruff can be frustrating.  But there are several natural remedies that can reduce symptoms and offer relief. Use these remedies or pair them with products like anti-dandruff shampoos to increase effectiveness.

Be happy, healthy, and strong!


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Home Remedies for dandruff

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