How To Get Rid Of a Stye Overnight?

How To Get Rid Of a Stye Overnight
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How To Get Rid Of a Stye Overnight? Causes, Symptoms and Home Remedies

What is a stye?

A stye is a red bump that forms on the outside edge of the eyelid. It looks like a pimple.

What causes styes in the eye?

Our eyelids have lots of tiny oil glands. Dead skin or oil buildup can block these small holes. Bacteria can grow inside and cause a stye when a gland is blocked.

What are the symptoms of styes in the eye?

Following are the symptoms of tyes in the eye.

  1. Swelling and pain
  2. Tear production increases
  3. A crust is formed around the eyelid
  4. Itchiness and soreness

How To Get Rid Of a Stye Overnight?

Does the question arise in your mind how to get rid of a stye overnight?

Following are the home remedies which can help you get rid of a stye overnight.

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Warm tea bag

You can use a warm tea bag to get rid of a stye. Black tea reduces swelling because it has some antibacterial properties.

Boil water and put the tea bag in a mug. Let it steep for one minute. The bag will cool down soon. Place over your eye and keep it on about 5 to 10 minutes.

Warm compress

The warmth of the cloth helps bring the pus to the surface. It also dissolves the pus and oil so the stye can drain.

Wet a clean cloth with warm water. Make sure the water isn’t much hot. Gently place it over your eye for 5 to 10 minutes. Do not squeeze or puncture the style. Repeat this 3 to 4 times each day.


You can massage the area combined with the lid wipes for maximum drainage. You should massage gently with clean hands. Once stye is drained, clean the area and avoid touching your eyes. Stop rubbing if it hurts.

Antibiotic ointment

To use the cream, pull the lid of the affected eye. Apply about a quarter-inch of cream. Apply inside the eyelid.


Take ibuprofen or acetaminophen to get rid of the pain.  If it is causing severe pain, visit your doctor.

Visit your doctor

Sometimes,  styes need to be professionally drained.  Especially when they are internal or affecting your vision. So, visit your doctor. He/She will prescribe an antibiotic cream for infections. For inflammation, you may require a steroid shot to reduce swelling.

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Can I pop a Stye?

Do not pop a stye. Squeezing the stye will release pus and may spread the infection.

How to prevent styes?

After reading how to get rid of a stye overnight, the question arises how to prevent styes?

  • Do not share towels with someone who has a stye.
  • Clean your makeup every night before sleeping.
  • Always wash your hands before touching your eyes.
  • Wash your eyes properly daily.

Be happy, healthy, and strong!


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How To Get Rid Of a Stye Overnight

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