5 Tips To Lose Weight By Walking

Lose weight by walking
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Weight loss by walking

You don’t need to go to a gym for a quality workout. Just go for a walk. Walking is a great form of exercise and is easy for everyone.

Walking can even help you lose weight when it is combined with a low-calorie diet.

How much you need to walk to lose weight?

It depends on the intensity of the walk and on the size of your body.

Is Walking a Good Exercise for Weight Loss?

Yes. It helps you lose weight. It increases your activity and decreases the number of calories you eat. It forces your body to dip into your fat stores to fuel you.

How many calories you can burn by walking?

It depends on your speed, the walking path, and your body size. According to Harvard Health Publishing, a slow, 2-miles per hour pace burns 204 calories/hour for a 180-pound person. If the same person doubles the speed to cover 4 miles/hour, she can burn 409 calories. You can take the walk uphill for one hour and burn 490 calories.

Does speed matter for walking to lose weight?

Faster you walk, more calories you burn. A slow walk results in fewer calories burn.

Lose weight by walking
Lose weight by walking

5 Tips To Lose Weight By Walking

Make it a habit

If you’re new to this activity, start with just 10 to 15 minutes of walking/day. Increase the amount of time slowly and pick up your speed when you feel more comfortable. Walking outdoor is a good idea.  You can also choose a treadmill (Goplus 2.25HP Electric Folding Treadmill Specially designed for women), a shopping mall, or an indoor track if you prefer indoors.

Record your progress

You should keep a proper record of your workout. It will help you to find the accurate and plan your future activities accordingly. You can buy a fitness band.

Xiami MI 4 is a good option. It not only records your workout accurately but also keeps a record of your activities. It comes with a mobile app. You can track your walk, running, cycling, and swimming. It also records your heartbeat. And the best thing is, it is waterproof. A single charge can last up to 29 days. It only costs $35 including the shipping.

Wear a weighted vest

Adding extra weight to an exercise will burn more calories. Wearing a weighted vest while walking will encourage your body to work harder and burn more calories.

Do 3 shorter walks daily

Long walks are good. Shorter and frequent walks result in rapid weight loss.

Many people may find it easier to do shorter walks throughout the day.  It is believed that a walk after each meal as so many health benefits.

Focus on posture

It is important to maintain posture when it comes to walking.

You can use The Back Brace Posture Corrector Under Clothes For Women for this purpose.

Look ahead as this increases the speed and lengthen the stride. Focus on tightening your abdominal muscles and glutes. You can do this during the entire walk or for short intervals. It will build strength and keep you injury-free so that you can continue your weight loss walking program.


You should aim to increase the regularity of your walk. Try adding in some intensity a few days/week with faster walks or increased inclines.

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