Use Tulsi Tea To Reduce Anxiety and Burn Fat

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It is an alternative name of holy basil. It is a very common herb of the ancient Indian history. It is mostly used in the form of Tulsi tea or supplement form. Following are the health benefits of Tulsi Tea.

  1. Acne

Researchers in Thailand proved that  that a 3% conc. of Tulsi is the mostly potent  against the bacteria that can cause acne. If you are using Tulsi for treating acne, you need to use virgin coconut oil as a carrier so that it absorbs quickly.

  1. Cancer

It has potent immune-boosting as well as anti-inflammatory properties that can protect against pain, stress as well as fever. People who consume holy basil on a daily basis are less susceptible to developing cancerous cells. Phytochemicals in holy basil protect against lung, oral, liver and skin cancer.

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  1. Diabetes

Its ability to keep blood glucose in check has been widely known since the mid-1900s. A research published in the Journal od Ethnopharmacology proved that the extract of tulsi has decreased glucose by more than 36% in normal rats and up to 18% in diabetes-induced rats.

  1. Balances hormones and lowers stress

An article in the journal Doe Pharmazie showed that the hypoglycemic effects of tulsi are because of its ability to regulate the cortisol levels.

  1. Relieves headaches

It is a natural headache medicine that helps to get rid of migraine.

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