Uncover the Comfort: Are Bamboo Sheets Really Soft?

Bamboo sheets have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their sustainability, durability, and eco-friendliness. But are bamboo sheets soft?

The answer is a resounding yes. Bamboo viscose sheets are soft yet durable, providing unparalleled comfort for a restful night’s sleep. In addition, the material is thermoregulatory, preserving the feeling of luxury and comfort whatever the season.

What Makes Bamboo Sheets Soft?

Bamboo Sheets Drape Well and Practically Hug You

Bamboo sheets are known for their buttery softness, which lays very differently on your body and is incredibly comfortable against your skin. They are so soft and malleable; some users even say that the bamboo sheet practically hugs you and makes you feel comfortable.

Bamboo Sheets Have More Surface Area with Smooth Fiber Sides

Bamboo sheets are smooth because bamboo viscose fibers are fine and round. The result is a fabric that does not rub and glides over the skin easily. Also, bamboo viscose yarn has less hairiness than traditional cotton yarn. This means that woven fabrics made from bamboo viscose fibers have a larger surface area with smooth fiber sides rather than fiber tips.

Bamboo Sheets Have a Tight Weave that Resists Pilling

Bamboo sheets have a tight twill weave that locks in fibers and resists pilling. With the elimination of pilling, you are left with the refreshing breathability and incredible softness of ultra-soft bamboo sheets that stay silky smooth against the skin.

Bamboo Sheets vs. Cotton Sheets: Which is Softer?

Bamboo viscose fibers are generally softer than traditional cotton fibers. In general, increasing the thread count will make a piece of fabric softer. However, viscose made from bamboo fibers produces softer bedding with a lower thread count than cotton fibers with a higher thread count.

For buttery soft bamboo sheets, a thread count of 300 offers the best balance. However, it should be noted that if the thread count is too high, the fabric will become too tight, reducing breathability. The bamboo sheets have a thread count of 300, giving you the perfect balance of breathability and softness.

Are Bamboo Sheets Soft

Do Bamboo Sheets Get Softer?

Bamboo sheets are incredibly soft when you first put them on your bed. Also, your bamboo viscose sheets will get softer over time. This surprising behavior is among the many benefits of bamboo sheets.

Long Thread Count

Manufacturers make bamboo sheets using long strands of viscose made from bamboo. They stretch continuous threads along the entire length of the sheet. They then anchor the threads securely to the edges of each sheet.

Short-staple cotton fibers do not feel as Soft Over Time

With fabrics, the fiber length (staple) gives the fabric its tactile factor. Short-staple cotton sheets feel soft after unpacking. They even feel soft after a few washes. However, new, soft cotton sheets can quickly lose their softness. Once the ends emerge from the cotton fabric, you can feel them brushing against your skin. These loose ends can fray even more and begin to pill over time. The cotton sheets can scratch for no apparent reason.

The Softness of Bamboo Viscose Sheets is Superior

Thanks to their manufacturing process, bamboo sheets do not experience the same loss of softness as typical cotton sheets.

There are no unsecured yarn ends in the middle of the sheets, meaning you won’t experience pilling. With prolonged usage, your bamboo viscose sheets will soften as their threads are twisted, bent, and pulled through mechanical movement. Over time, the long bamboo strands will relax and loosen without destroying the integrity of the fabric.


To answer the question “Are bamboo sheets soft?”, we may be biased, but we think bamboo sheets rank first among the softest sheets you can purchase. Most bamboo bed sheets are made from organic bamboo shoots.

Given that bamboo has long organic fibers, its products feel luxuriously soft to the touch. Bamboo sheets retain their softness and elasticity over time and never require fabric softener during the wash cycle. We believe they are the only option for a silky and comfortable night’s sleep.

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