Egyptian Cotton or Bamboo Bed Sheets: Which Tops?

We spend about one-third of our lives in bed. That's a long time! So, we need to pick the right fabric for our bed sheets.

The fabric should be cozy and help us sleep well.

The two top choices are bamboo and Egyptian cotton. Let's learn what makes each one special.

AspectBamboo Bed SheetsEgyptian Cotton Bed Sheets
MaterialMade from bamboo fibersMade from extra-long-staple fibers of Egyptian cotton
FeelSoft and silkyStarts crisp but softens over time
Care & DurabilityLong-lasting; gentle wash neededLong-lasting; softens with each wash
Health BenefitsHypoallergenic, anti-bacterialBreathable, less hypoallergenic than bamboo
Temperature ControlRegulates both hot and cold temperaturesBreathable but less regulating than bamboo
BreathabilityHighly breathable; moisture-wickingBreathable; absorbs moisture
Thread CountTypically 250-400Typically 400-700
Environmental ImpactRenewable resource, less water and energy consumptionNot as eco-friendly as bamboo
Stain ResistanceMaintains color, less prone to stainingProne to oil and sweat stains
CostGenerally better value for moneyCan be more expensive due to high thread count
Bamboo vs Egyptian cotton

What is Egyptian Cotton?

Cotton is already a comfy fabric. But Egyptian cotton is even better. It feels soft and breathes well. People in the United Kingdom have loved it for a long time. It's also strong and easy to clean.

How is Egyptian Cotton Made?

True Egyptian cotton comes from a special cotton plant in Egypt. The fibers are long and high-quality. Some companies lie and say their cotton is "Egyptian," but it's not. The real stuff has a black triangle logo on its package.

How is it Different from Regular Cotton?

Egyptian cotton gets better with each wash. It doesn't wrinkle much. It also keeps you cool and dry at night. And it's good for your skin!

What is Bamboo Bedding?

Bamboo sheets come from the bamboo plant. This plant grows back fast, so it's a green choice. Bamboo sheets can be soft and durable, even with fewer threads in the fabric.

How Does Bamboo Bedding Feel?

Bamboo feels silky and breathes well. It's good for hot or cold weather. It's also hypoallergenic, which means fewer allergies!

Types of Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo can be made into different types of fibers. These include Rayon, Tencel, and Linen. Each type has its own special traits. But all types are comfy and good for the Earth.

Bamboo vs Egyptian cotton sheets

bamboo sheets vs. Egyptian cotton

Now, let's see how they compare in different areas.

Care and Durability

Both last a long time if you take care of them. But bamboo keeps its color better than cotton.


Bamboo feels silky and light. Egyptian cotton gets softer as you wash it, but needs more threads to feel soft.


Bamboo is better for people with allergies. Egyptian cotton is soft but not as hypoallergenic.

Temperature Control

Both are good for all seasons. But bamboo is a bit better at keeping you comfy, whether it's hot or cold.


Bamboo can soak up more sweat than cotton. But both types let air flow through them.

Thread Count

Bamboo sheets are comfy with fewer threads. Egyptian cotton needs more threads to feel as soft.

Environmental Impact

Bamboo is a green choice. It grows back quickly and uses less water and energy.


Both types come at different prices. But you get good value with bamboo. You don't need as many threads for a soft sheet.

Both bamboo and Egyptian cotton sheets have their perks. If you want a green choice that's good for allergies, go for bamboo. If you want a fabric that gets better with each wash, Egyptian cotton is for you.

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