Best Towels for You: Bamboo or Cotton?

Stepping out of a shower feels great, but what feels even better?

Wrapping yourself in a cozy towel.

But how do you pick the perfect towel?

You might have heard that bamboo towels are better than cotton ones. Is that true? Let's find out.

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Bamboo towels vs cotton towels

If softness and absorbency are your top priorities, go for bamboo towels. However, if you prefer quick-drying and less shrinkage, cotton towels are a better fit. For eco-conscious buyers, look specifically for "bamboo lyocell."

What’s the Buzz About Bamboo?

People say bamboo towels are softer and better for the Earth. But is that really true? Well, it's not that simple. Some say bamboo towels are great for the skin. Others say they're good for the planet. But you have to be careful. Some of this might just be talk to get you to buy them.

Absorbency: Bamboo vs Cotton

Bamboo towels often mix bamboo and cotton. They are known for being soft and soaking up water quickly. But there's a catch. They can also make you feel wet again while you're drying off. Cotton towels might not soak up water as fast, but they keep you dry.

Bamboo towels also take longer to dry. This means they can get smelly and moldy if you're not careful. So, if you like your towels to dry fast, cotton might be better for you.

Size and Shrinkage

Bamboo towels can shrink when you wash them. So, if you buy a big towel, it might not stay big. Cotton towels hold their size better. If you like wrapping yourself in a big towel, think about this before you buy a bamboo one.

Are Bamboo Towels Really Eco-Friendly?

Bamboo plants grow fast and don't need chemicals. That sounds good for the Earth, right? But turning bamboo into towels can hurt the planet. There are two ways to do it. One way is good for the Earth but expensive. The other way is cheaper but uses bad chemicals.

If you want to be kind to the Earth, look for "bamboo lyocell" on the label. This type is less harmful to the planet.

Bamboo towels vs cotton

How to Shop Smart?

When you shop for towels, think about what you like. Do you want a soft towel? Look for "low-twist" or "zero-twist" on the label. Do you want a towel that dries you off really well? Look for "one-ply" or "multi-ply."

Also, check the weight of the towel. This is called GSM. A light towel has a low GSM. A heavy towel has a high GSM. Heavy towels feel plush but take longer to dry.

Labels and Certifications

Be smart when you shop. If a label says "100 percent bamboo," it might not be true. Look for certifications like the Global Organic Textile Standard or OEKO-TEX Standard 100. This mean the towel is safe and good for the Earth.

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