Golf Tee Guide: Bamboo or Hardwood?

Golf is a game of skill and precision. It's not just about the clubs or the balls. Even the tiny tee under your golf ball can make a big difference. So, what's the best tee for you?

Let's find out in this bamboo vs. wood golf tee debate.

Bamboo vs. wood vs. plastic golf tees

For golfers who prioritize both durability and eco-friendliness, bamboo tees are the clear winner. They offer the best of both worlds, being strong and biodegradable. Hardwood tees are great for customization but lack durability. Plastic tees, although durable, are not eco-friendly.

Why Tees Matter

You might think a tee is just a small piece of your golf game. But it's more than that. A tee lifts the ball off the ground. This makes it easier to hit the ball cleanly. A good tee can even help you swing better. So, picking the right tee is important.

Plastic Tees: A Quick Look


  • Long-Lasting: These tees don't break easily. You can use them over and over.
  • Less Friction: Some plastic tees are made to reduce friction. This can help your ball fly farther.


  • They Bend: Over time, plastic tees can bend. Then you can't use them anymore.
  • Bad for the Earth: Plastic takes a long time to break down. It's not good for our planet.

Hardwood Tees: The Classic Choice


  • Eco-Friendly: These tees break down naturally. They're better for the environment.
  • Customizable: You can paint the hardwood tees or even carve your name into them.


  • Hard to See: Their natural color can blend in with the grass.
  • They Break: If the ground is hard, these tees can snap.
  • More Friction: They can slow down your ball a bit.

Bamboo Tees: The New Kid on the Block


  • Strong: Bamboo is tough. These tees don't break easily.
  • Fast to Break Down: They're good for the Earth and break down quicker than hardwood.
  • Cheaper: They can be less expensive than other types of tees.


  • Limited Choices: You might not find many sizes or colors.
Bamboo vs wood golf tees

What Should You Choose?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer. But here are some tips:

  • Care for the Earth? Go for bamboo or hardwood. They're eco-friendly.
  • Want Durability? Bamboo is your best bet.
  • Like Custom Stuff? Hardwood tees can be more fun to personalize.

Ethics and Environment

Big golf tournaments often say "no" to plastic tees. Why? Because they're bad for the Earth. If you care about the planet, it's better to choose bamboo or hardwood.

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