8 Simple DIY Fertilizers for Thriving Lucky Bamboo

Who doesn't love having a Lucky Bamboo plant at home?

These cute, easy-to-care-for plants are perfect for both your office desk and your living room. But how do we make sure our Lucky Bamboo stays healthy? The answer is simple: fertilizer!

In this guide, we're diving deep into the world of DIY fertilizers for your Lucky Bamboo.

Why Fertilize Your Lucky Bamboo?

Fertilizers add extra nutrients to the water. These nutrients help your plant grow tall and healthy. You don't need to add a lot. Just a little bit goes a long way!

When to Fertilize

Remember, timing matters. Add a little bit of fertilizer every time you change the water, which should be every two to three weeks.


Types of Homemade Fertilizers

Tea Bags and Leaves

Got some used tea bags? Don't throw them away! Place them in a bowl and add some fresh water. Let it sit for a day or so. Add a little of this tea water to your plant. Do this every three to four weeks.


Don't throw away your eggshells after breakfast! Wash them and let them dry. Crush them into a powder. Add a tiny bit to your Lucky Bamboo water. This gives your plant extra calcium.

Kitchen Waste Liquid

Cooked some veggies? Use that water! Cool it down and strain it. Add a spoonful to your plant every two weeks. Your Lucky Bamboo will love it!

Banana Peels

Yes, bananas! Dry some banana peels and grind them into a powder. Add a pinch of salt to the water every two to four weeks. This gives your plant extra potassium.

Rice Water

Rinsed some rice for dinner? Keep that water! It’s full of good stuff for your plant. Add a small spoonful to the water bowl every 10 to 15 days.

Aquarium Water

Do you have a fish tank? The water is full of nutrients. Add a spoonful when you change the water in your Lucky Bamboo. If the aquarium water is strong, mix it with some fresh water.

Seaweed Mix

Got seaweed? Let it sit in the water for about a month. Strain it and mix it with fresh water. Add a spoonful every three to four weeks.

Epsom Salt

A pinch of Epsom salt can make your plant’s leaves look full and green. Add it every month or so.

Important Tips

  1. Don't Mix: Never use more than one type of fertilizer at once.
  2. Time to Soak: Give your plant about a day to soak up the nutrients.
  3. Water Change: Don't forget to change the water after the plant has soaked up the nutrients.

Fertilizers help your Lucky Bamboo grow strong. You don't need to buy expensive ones. You can make your own at home!

Just remember, too much of a good thing can be bad. Use one type of fertilizer at a time.

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