Decoding the Significance of Lucky Bamboo: Understanding Stalk Numbers and Symbols

Lucky bamboo, a popular houseplant, has been a symbol of strength, prosperity, and good fortune for centuries. But did you know that the number of stalks it has can influence its meaning?

Let's figure out the meaning of lucky bamboo numbers, symbols, and their significance in Feng Shui.

Stalk NumberMeaningSymbolic ofRecommended
3BlessingsWealth & Longevity
7BalanceGood Health
9FortuneGood Luck
21BlessingsWealth & Health
Lucky bamboo stalks meaning

Lucky Bamboo Origin

Contrary to its name, lucky bamboo isn't bamboo at all. It's actually Dracaena Sanderiana, a member of the lily family. Originating from the rainforests of Cameroon, Africa, and Southeast Asia, this resilient plant has become a symbol of luck, fortune, honor, and power in Chinese culture.

Lucky Bamboo meaning

The number of stalks a lucky bamboo plant has can determine the type of energy it attracts. Here's a breakdown of the meaning of lucky bamboo plant stalks:

  • 1 Stalk Lucky Bamboo Meaning: Symbolizes a prosperous life filled with fortune.
  • 2 Lucky Bamboo 2 Stalks Meaning: Represents love and relationships.
  • 3 Lucky Bamboo 6 Stalks Meaning: Brings happiness, wealth, and longevity.
  • What Does 4 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo Mean?: It's considered unlucky due to its phonetic similarity to "death" in Chinese. It's best to avoid this number.
  • 5 Stalks: Attracts health and emotional well-being.
  • 6 Stalks Lucky Bamboo: Invites prosperity and wealth.
  • 7 Stalks: Bestows good health and balance.
  • Lucky Bamboo 8 Stalks: Symbolizes growth and wealth.
  • 9 Stalks: Represents general good fortune.
  • 10 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo Meaning: Denotes completeness and satisfaction.
  • 21 Stalks Lucky Bamboo Meaning: A powerful blessing for wealth and health.

Lucky Bamboo and Feng Shui Elements

In Feng Shui, the lucky bamboo plant explain all five essential elements:

  • Wood: The bamboo itself is a representation of wood.
  • The earth is symbolized by the stones, or pebbles.
  • Metal: The glass or metal container or an attached coin.
  • Water: The medium in which it grows.
  • Fire: A red ribbon tied around the bamboo or container.
Lucky bamboo plant meaning

Caring for Your Lucky Bamboo

While lucky bamboo is known for its resilience, it's essential to care for it to ensure its health and vitality.

One important part of its care is the art of curling the bamboo. This process, which can take over a year, involves manipulating the stalk's growth direction by controlling its light exposure.

Positioning Your Lucky Bamboo

To get the full potential of your lucky bamboo, place it in the wealth sector of your home or office. However, avoid placing it in bedrooms, as it can disrupt sleep.

Gifting a lucky bamboo plant is also a beautiful way to wish someone good fortune and blessings.


Lucky bamboo is more than just a decorative plant. Its significance in Feng Shui and the meanings associated with its stalk numbers make it a powerful tool for inviting positive energy into one's life.

Whether you are looking to enhance your own space or gift someone a token of good fortune, understanding the meaning of lucky bamboo will surely amplify its benefits.

Make sure you keep it out of the range of your cats and dogs, as this plant is poisonous.

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