Craft Your Own Bamboo Water Fountain with This Simple Guide

A backyard isn't just a place for plants. It can also be your personal escape. What better way to enhance it than with a bamboo water fountain? Store-bought fountains are pricey and may not suit your style. So, why not make your own?

This guide shows you how to craft a DIY bamboo water fountain that will turn heads and bring peace to your outdoor space.

Supplies You’ll Require

Before you begin, let's get organized. Here's what you'll need:

  • An underwater pump with a flexible tube
  • A durable water container or basin
  • Bamboo sticks of three sizes: thick, medium, and thin
  • Weather-resistant glue
  • Putty or caulk made for plumbing tasks
  • A tool to cut, like a handsaw
  • Smooth stones from the river
  • Electric drill with a specific drill bit, called a "spade bit"
  • Sandpaper to smooth things out

Cut The Bamboo

  1. Take the medium-width bamboo stick and slice it into three equal segments. Make sure these are longer than the top of your water basin.
  2. Use sandpaper to round off any jagged edges.

Craft the Shelf

  1. Lay the three cut pieces side by side.
  2. Use the outdoor glue to stick them together securely.
  3. Add tiny bits of the thinnest bamboo stick under the shelf for added strength.

Create The Spout

  1. Trim the thickest bamboo stick to a length just beyond your newly made "shelf."
  2. Use sandpaper to make the edges neat.
  3. With your drill and spade bit, carve out a hole for the plastic tubing.

Build The Blocks

  1. Insert the tube into the hole in your spout.
  2. Use putty or caulk to seal it off.
  3. Glue the spout to the bamboo shelf you made earlier.
  4. Attach the underwater pump to your water basin's bottom.
  5. Hook up the tube to the pump.

Beautify and Test it

  1. Put river stones into the basin.
  2. Carefully balance the bamboo shelf on top.
  3. Double-check that everything is stable and secure.

Pick a level place for your fountain and pour water into the basin. Finally, turn on the pump and revel in your achievement!

DIY Bamboo Fountain Guide


How Do I keep my DIY Bamboo Fountain Clean?

A mix of warm water, a dab of soap, and a sturdy brush should do the trick.

How Often Should I Clean the Bamboo Fountain?

A good scrub every quarter should keep your fountain sparkling.

Can a Bamboo fountain Run 24/7?

Absolutely. Keeping it running actually extends the life of the pump.

Can Winter Damage the Bamboo Fountain?

Yes, it can. Bring it indoors. Otherwise, ice can wreck it.

How to Tackle Algae in bamboo fountain?

A brush and a bit of white vinegar work wonders. Just rinse thoroughly afterward.

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