Choosing Your Bath Mat: Bamboo Versatility or Teak Elegance?

DurabilityStrongLess strong
Moisture Resist.HighModerate
Stain RiskModerateLow

When it comes to choosing the perfect bath mat for your shower, you'll often hear two names: teak and bamboo. These two types of wood are popular but also very different.

So how do you choose between teak and bamboo bath mats? We have prepared this guide to help you make an informed decision.

Teak Bath Mats


  • Moisture Resistant: Teak is really good at repelling water. This means less chance of mold.
  • Strong and Durable: Teak mats last for a long time because the wood is very tough.
  • Looks Great: Many people love how teak looks. It has a rich color that stands out.


  • Costly: Teak is usually more expensive than bamboo.
  • Can Stain: Over time, teak may pick up stains.
  • Needs Care: To keep its color, teak needs to be treated now and then.

Bamboo Bath Mats


  • Light and Versatile: Bamboo mats are easy to move and fit in many places.
  • Affordable: Usually, bamboo mats cost less than teak ones.
  • Less Staining: Bamboo doesn’t pick up stains easily.
  • Eco-Friendly: Bamboo grows fast, making it a green choice.


  • Not So Tough: Bamboo isn’t as strong as teak. It can get mushy when wet.
  • Mold Risk: Bamboo can get moldy faster than teak.
  • Upkeep: You’ll need to clean and care for bamboo more often.
Teak Vs. bamboo bath mat

Making the Final Choice

You might wonder: Which is better, teak or bamboo? There's no one-size-fits-all answer. If you want a bath mat that’s durable and don’t mind spending more, go for teak. If you want something cheaper and lighter, and are okay with a bit more upkeep, bamboo could be the mat for you.

Water will be splashing on these mats all the time. So, if you think long-term, a teak mat might be the better buy. Yes, teak is pricier, but it lasts longer and is tougher against water.

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