Tencel or Bamboo Sheets: A Detailed Comparison

Picking bed sheets used to be easy. Cotton was the go-to choice. But times have changed.

Now, two new materials, bamboo, and Tencel, are stepping up to the plate. How do you pick between them? This guide and table will help you decide.

Tencel vs. bamboo sheets

Bamboo sheets have a slight edge, particularly in durability and hypoallergenic properties. However, if eco-friendliness is your top priority, then Tencel would be the clear choice.

What is Bamboo?

Think bamboo is a tree? Think again. It's actually a grass! It's tough like wood but grows super fast. There are two ways to turn it into fabric. One is mechanical, and the other is chemical.

Mechanical Method

This way is old-school. People crush the bamboo into mush. Then they break it down even more with natural stuff called enzymes. After that, the fibers are combed and spun into thread. Sheets made this way are often called bamboo linen.

Chemical Method

This way is faster, but not so nice for the planet. Chemicals like caustic soda help turn bamboo into soft fibers. These chemicals can be bad for the earth.

What is Tencel?

Tencel is made from the pulp of trees, usually eucalyptus trees. But what sets it apart is how it's made.

Closed Loop Process

Tencel is made in a "green" way. It uses friendly chemicals and keeps them from getting into nature. This is called a closed-loop process. Almost all of the stuff used to make Tencel is also recycled.

Why Pick Bamboo?


Bamboo grows like a weed—really fast and without harming the planet.

Comfort King

Bamboo sheets are soft and keep you cool. They wick away sweat, so you stay dry. Plus, they're good for your health. They fight off things like mold and dust mites.

Easy Care

Washing bamboo sheets is a breeze. Use cool water, and you don't even need fabric softener. They also dry quickly.


These sheets can last a long time if you care for them.

Not-So-Great Things About Bamboo

Costs More

Quality bamboo sheets can be pricey.

Wrinkles Easily

They may not look crisp and can wrinkle.

Bamboo sheets vs tencel

Why Pick Tencel?


Tencel is good for our planet, too. The trees it comes from are usually grown in a way that's good for the earth.

Soft and Smooth

Tencel sheets are as soft as bamboo ones. They're also good for people with sensitive skin.


Like bamboo, Tencel is also breathable. It keeps you cool when it's hot.

Looks Good

Tencel sheets often have a shiny look and wrinkle less.

Downside of Tencel


They can also be costly.

Can Get Mildew

If you don't dry them well, they can get mildewed.

Bamboo vs. tencel: What Makes Them Different?

Chemicals Used

Bamboo uses chemicals that can be bad for the earth. Tencel doesn't. Also, Tencel recycles almost all of its water.


Both are soft, but bamboo has a slight edge. Tencel might get mildewed if not cared for.

Cotton vs. bamboo vs. tencel

Based on sustainability, chemical usage, comfort, and additional features like moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic properties, Tencel comes out on top.

Bamboo follows closely, offering similar benefits but with a harsher chemical process.

Cotton lags, being less sustainable, less breathable, and requiring more chemicals for processing.

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