Tropical Blue Bamboo Guide: Easy Growth and Solving Problems


Tropical blue bamboo is a beautiful addition to any garden or outdoor space—and it makes a great indoor house plant, too! This type of bamboo is quite rare and interesting, and it lets you add some exotic flair to the landscape of your home.

What is Tropical Blue Bamboo?

Tropical Blue Bamboo is a clumping bamboo, meaning the stems slowly grow in a large circle away from the main trunk. This type of bamboo is known for its exotic coloration - the slender stems are a steel-blue color, and the tips of the stems are often a paler blue. This bamboo is medium to large in size, growing up to seven feet in height.

Tropical Blue Bamboo Scientific Classification

Tropical Blue Bamboo belongs to the Poaceae family and is classified botanically as Dendrocalamus asper, with the preferred common name being Giant Blue Bamboo. This bamboo grows in many tropical parts of the world and is native to many regions of Southeast Asia.

Table Recap:

Tropical Blue BambooDescription
GrowthClumping type, reaching to a height of 7ft
ColorationSteel blue with a paler blue tip
Botanical ClassificationDendrocalamus asper
Native RegionsSouth-East Asia

In conclusion, Tropical Blue Bamboo is a unique and beautiful addition to any landscape or home. This sun-loving, clumping bamboo is easy to care for and looks stunning. With its vibrant steel-blue stems, it makes a great contrast to any other plants or home decor.

Pests and Diseases

Tropical Blue Bamboo (Bambusa Chungii) is a type of bamboo popular for its attractive blue color and its use as a privacy hedge. Although it is largely resistant to disease and pests, like any other type of bamboo, it may occasionally suffer from certain insects and diseases.

Tropical Blue Bamboo

Problems Caused by Insects and Pathogens

Bamboo may suffer from:

*Aphids: They feed on the sap from new shoots, eventually causing the shoots to dry out.

*Scale Insects: These are tiny creatures that feed on the sap from the leaves or stems and produce a sticky secretion called “honeydew”.

*Red thread disease: A fungus that is most commonly caused by overwatering and poor drainage. It affects the leaves, leaving them with a yellow or pink tinge.

Ways to Prevent Damage to Tropical Blue Bamboo

To keep your bamboo safe and healthy, follow these steps:

Provide adequate drainage: Avoid overwatering and maintain proper aeration.

Prune dead/browned leaves and branches: To help prevent diseases from spreading.

Inspect plants regularly: Inspect branches for signs of insects, and use a pesticide if necessary.

With good care, your Tropical Blue Bamboo should stay healthy and beautiful for years.

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