Mastering Lucky Bamboo Care: Effective Tips for Flourishing Plants

Lucky bamboo has been revered for centuries as a symbol of luck and prosperity.

Its distinctive appearance and rich cultural associations make it a popular choice for homes and offices. But what exactly is lucky bamboo, and how do you care for it?

Let's find out in the comprehensive guide below.

SoilSlightly damp
Water (soil)Moderate
Water (water-grown)Replace every 7–10 days
Temperature65–95°F (18–35°C)
FertilizerEvery 3–4 weeks
PestsMonitor and treat
RepottingWhen roots outgrow
ToxicityToxic to pets
PropagationOffshoot method
Care of lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo is a resilient plant requiring moderate care, best suited for indirect light and temperatures between 65-95°F. Ensure it's kept away from pets and monitored for pests to maintain its vibrant growth.

Understanding Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo, scientifically known as Dracaena sanderiana, isn't actually bamboo. It belongs to the Dracaena family and originates from Southeast Asia. For over 5,000 years, it's been a staple in Feng Shui practices, symbolizing good fortune and happiness.

What makes it especially enticing is its ability to be trained into captivating shapes such as spirals, hearts, and braids.

how to look after lucky bamboo?

  1. Sunlight: Keep it in indirect sunlight. Too much direct light can burn the leaves, giving them a brownish edge.
  2. Water: Maintain slightly damp soil. If you grow it in water, ensure the roots are submerged and replace the water every 7–10 days. Using tap water? Let it sit overnight to allow the chlorine to evaporate.
  3. Temperature: It loves warmth. Keep it between 65–95°F (18–35°C).
  4. Toxicity: Watch out, pet owners! Lucky bamboo is toxic to cats and dogs.
  5. Pests and Issues: Protect it from mealybugs, mites, and fungal infections. Yellow leaves are a sign of distress; remove them.
  6. Repotting: As roots crowd the pot, transfer the bamboo to a larger one.
  7. Propagation: Clip a healthy offshoot and place it in water to grow a new bamboo plant.
Lucky bamboo maintenance

Designing with Lucky Bamboo

Creating a Spiral:

  1. Cut one side of a cardboard box.
  2. Place the bamboo inside, facing a light source through the open side.
  3. Care for it as usual. As the plant leans toward the light, rotate it gradually. It will form a spiral over time.
  4. Prune leaves to maintain balance.


  1. Start with three potted stalks, spaced close together.
  2. Prune the bases and begin braiding, securing the top with a twist tie.
  3. Provide regular care and watch the braid thicken as it grows.

The Symbolism of Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo's significance in Feng Shui is connected to the five elements:

  1. Earth: represented by pebbles in its container.
  2. Wood: The bamboo plant itself.
  3. Water: The plant's hydration.
  4. Fire: A red ribbon often tied around it.
  5. Metal: Occasionally, a metal coin is attached to the ribbon.

The number of stalks also carries unique meanings:

  • One: Unity
  • Two: Love
  • Three: Growth and family
  • Five: Wealth and prosperity
  • Six to Nine: Variations of luck, success, and health. (Avoid four stalks, as they symbolize death.)

Lucky Bamboo FAQs

Why is my bamboo yellow?
Possible reasons for lucky bamboo being yellow include excessive sunlight, fluoride or chlorine in water, or too much fertilizer.

How do I revive my lucky bamboo?
Adjust its care routine. Shift its location, change the water, or cut down on fertilization.

How long does lucky bamboo live?
In water, one to two years. In soil, it can live for several more.

How many stalks bring good luck?
Any number from one to nine (but skip four).

Can I buy my own lucky bamboo?
Absolutely! Buying one is still considered lucky.

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