Decking Decisions: Bamboo vs. Composite Materials

Choosing the right material for your deck is a big decision.

You want something that looks good, lasts a long time, and fits your budget.

Among the many options are bamboo decking and composite decking. I did a side-by-side comparison. Here is the table:

FeatureComposite DeckingBamboo Decking
Moisture Resistance
Low Maintenance
Easy Installation
Initial Cost
Environmental ImpactVariesVaries
Bamboo decking vs trex

Composite decking wins in ease of installation, maintenance, and moisture resistance. Bamboo decking falls short in these key areas but matches in the initial cost. For a long-lasting, low-maintenance option, composite decking is the better choice.

Moisture Absorption

Composite decking is great at keeping water away. It doesn't soak up much moisture. This means it's less likely to rot or get moldy.

Bamboo decking is a bit like wood. It can absorb moisture. If you live in a wet area, this could be a problem. Your deck might not last as long.

Maintenance Required

Composite decks are easy to take care of. You just need to clean them once in a while. No need for special treatments.

Bamboo decks need more love. You have to oil or stain them often. If you don't, they can get slippery and moldy. That's not safe or nice to look at.

Ease of Installation

Installing a composite deck is quick. It uses special fasteners that you can't see. This makes the job faster and the deck look cleaner.

Bamboo is trickier to install. You have to use old-school methods. Some people tried shortcuts, but they didn't work well. If you pick bamboo, plan for more time to build your deck.


Composite and bamboo decks cost about the same at first. But composite decks save you money later. They're quicker to install and easier to maintain.

Bamboo might seem cheap at first. But it takes longer to install and needs more care. Over time, it could cost you more.

Composite vs Bamboo Decking

Environmentally Friendliness

Not all composite decks are green. Some are made from new plastic, which isn't good for Earth. Make sure to pick a brand that uses recycled stuff.

Bamboo is often called green, but be careful. Making bamboo decks can use bad chemicals and lots of energy. It's not as green as you might think.

Background on Bamboo Decking

Bamboo decks are made from bamboo strands. These are boiled, glued, and pressed into shape. The glue helps keep the bamboo strong. But it can also make some people sick.

Because bamboo decking is new, it has some problems. Some decks have fallen apart in less than two years. They can rot, peel, and even grow mushrooms!

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